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Hydrated Lime, also known as Calcium Hydroxide, is an inorganic compound which is formed when Calcium Oxide is combined with water and is used in tanning and agriculture.
Additional process called “Burning”, where water is added to the quicklime that causes a chemical reaction producing heat and water vapor; the steam fades and leaves a soft white powder called “hydrated lime”.
If more water is added on hydrated lime, a dense liquid forms; consisting of partially dissolved lime known as “Milk of Lime”.
When hydrated lime is totally melted in water, a clear liquid is formed and is called “Water Lime”; which is used to test if carbon dioxide exists in any substance, as carbon dioxide disturbs the Water Lime.
Calcium Hydroxide is known as hydrated lime, or hydrogenated lime while Calcium Oxide is known as “Quicklime”.






Hydrated Lime is used as an adjuvant agent for smelting and producing iron. It is also used in aluminum, copper and zinc purification, as well as Water Softening by removing certain minerals; making it an important element in the treatment of sewers.
Additionally, farmers inseminate the lime into the soil of their fields to neutralize its acidity. Homeowners use it in their gardens to prevent algae growth.
Hydrated Lime helps maintain the cohesion of the soil in the foundations of roads and runways. In the leather industry, it is used in the tanneries to remove hair from animals’ skins.
In construction, grout consisting of a mixture of lime, sand and water, is placed between bricks or stones in buildings’ walls. It is also the most important component of gypsum, and the main module of the cement type called “Portland Cement”.  


Chemical Equation:


Hydrated Lime is also known as “Calcium Hydroxide”, and is produced according to the Chemical Reaction: CaO + H2O → Ca(OH)2.


Furthermore, Astra Mining high-finesse produced ASTRA LIME - Quick is hydrated through the Water Hydration Production Line; utilizing high-standard European Technology to produce under the brand name ASTRA LIME – Hydrated. The final product provides the highest degree of finesse according to the market requirements.
ASTRA LIME - Hydrated can be delivered to the Astra's customers in silo tanks, large bags weighing up to a ton or in small bags weighing up to twenty five kilograms.


Quicklime Characteristics – Rapid / Slow interaction.








Calcium Hydroxide Ca(OH)2 90-95% Range
Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) 0.10% MAXIMUM
Silicon Dioxide & Insol 1.00% MAXIMUM
Magnesium Oxide (MgO) 1.00% MAXIMUM
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 0.20% MAXIMUM
Moisture 0.20% MAXIMUM
Size 0-1 mm
Color White  


 Note: Caution is advised when handling this product, as it may cause certain allergies to some individuals.

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