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Quality Control: Our production adheres to all the latest and updated Quality Control measures to ensure that our products meet the required standards as requested by our customers and clients.
Modern Lab Equipment: Our factories are always equipped with the most modern lab equipment to ensure continuous adherence to quality control measures.
Environment Friendly: Our factories implement green practices in all their processes, from grinding to packing to finally disposing of waste through energy and resource conservation and engineering that reduces operational and lifecycle costs.
Dedicated Sales Team: Our Sales Team aims to provide our customers and clients with full support through continuous communication, field visits and providing the latest products’ information.
Continuous Follow-up: We perform continuous and periodical follow-up on our customers and clients through a dedicated CRM System.
Products’ Guarantee: We provide our customers with a 100% guarantee to all our products.
Technical Support: We provide our customers and clients with 100% technical support to resolve any technical issues with our products.
Packaging and Transport: Silo tanks, large (jumbo) and small bags.

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