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Calcium Oxide, commonly known as quicklime, which is produced by burning the limestone containing Calcium Carbonate - the chemical process is called “calcination”.
Quicklime substance is caustic, alkaline and white powder that strongly reacts with water to form calcium hydroxide also known as “Quicklime”. It is pulverizing with water into special sizes, separating it from the dust, and putting it in oven. After that, occurring the acidification, calcination, and cooling process repeatedly at temperature up to 1250 C. Then, calcium carbonate transformed into Calcium Oxide (Quicklime). Also, it can be filled in big bags with capacity start from 25 kg to 50 kg, and ton and a half.








It is used in many industries, such as: Iron, steel, glass, paper, sugar production, leather tanning, treatment of sewage, processing industrial waste and the preparation of some dyes and bleaches. In addition, it is cast-off in extract minerals, acidic soils and as an adjunct to the fertilizer into the soil.
The limestone is heating in special furnaces called “lime kilns”, and then dissolves it through a reaction known as the (Thermal Analyzer).

Chemical Equation:

Calcium Carbonate → Calcium oxide + Carbon Dioxide
CaCO3(s) → CaO(s) + CO2(g)

Astra Lime – Quick

Astra Mining is ASTRA LIME- Quick

The Astra Mining dealing with limestone called (Astra Lime) as a brand, to serve directly the local market, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). As a first step to classify it according to measurement, components, crunching, and filtering to serve its customers. Providing the highest quality items and standards with fineness, begin from zero and to top the percentage required by the customer.
Raw material of Astra Lime is transferred within the best standards and criteria to the furnaces for burning, this is a production process (Kiln). According to the Swiss technics with high quality owned Astra Mining at its plant for the production of quicklime which (Astra Lime - Quick).
ASTRA LIME - Quick as a brand, is burned Astra Lime with average temperature of 1100 ° C until loses carbon dioxide by 44% of its weight, leaving behind calcium oxide (quicklime), where it can be used immediately in the same measurement burned or grinded to different degrees of smoothness according to market needs.
Astra Mining Company produces the finest types of “Astra Lime – Quick” - by modern kilns and technology, within the European and global scales, where the proportion of product purity up to 95%.
It is produced multiple sizes including (1-6 mm), (3-10 mm), (30 mm) and (45 microns) to meet the clients need. Astra Lime – Quick sends to the company's customers by special van, or tanks or big bags weighing up to ton, or half ton, or so small bags with twenty-five kilos.


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